Five Reasons To Select A Single Sign Management Company

July 18, 2016

Your Real Estate team just sent word that they have signed deals for ten new locations all across the United States.  Knowing you need a sign package to promote your business, you’ll probably reach out to multiple regional sign manufacturers.  Each week, you’ll spend valuable time contacting each of your manufacturers to make sure they remain on schedule, not to mention all the calls you’ll make to local permitting officials and local installers.  At the end of each day, your head will be spinning, and you’ll start wondering if there could be an easier way to do this.  You need to hire a sign management company; and we’ve got good news for you!  There is: it’s called Egan Sign Management.

Here are the top five reasons why we’re convinced that having a single Sign Management Vendor will make your life so much easier.

1 –  A Single Point of Contact for All Requests in All Regions

A single sign management company is able to connect all the aspects of a sign project from beginning to end.  Having one person to communicate with instead of five – or sometimes more – takes less time and effort on your end.  All of your signage projects are managed by one team through which a single phone call can provide you with all the information you need to keep your internal team up to speed on any and all of the projects in development.  Our project management team takes care of the details, so you don’t have to!  The end result: consistent and accurate sign packages delivered and installed at each of your new locations.

2 – Years of Signage Experience on Your Side Offers Peace of Mind

In addition to our project management team’s collective 100+ years of sign industry experience, Egan Sign has a vast network of manufacturers and installation partners that we partner with to best suit each individual company’s needs. We’ve lived and learned in the sign business.  We’ve vetted manufacturers and installers across the country and are committed to only connecting your company with those vendors who have proven themselves to be the best of the best.  Blindly selecting a manufacturer or installer is risky!  Remove the guess work by partnering with a sign management company who’s has an established network of the most reliable industry partners.

Egan Sign, Your Preferred Sign Management Company

3 – Virtually Unlimited Manufacturing Capacity

Single sourcing with a national sign management company provides nearly unlimited manufacturing capacity; which means projects can be completed quickly.  Don’t go to the back of the manufacturing line by working directly with a manufacturer!  Choosing Egan Sign as your Sign Management partner gives your company the leverage of Egan’s buying power.  At Egan Sign, we commit to a 12 week timeline and our manufacturing partners commit to an unprecedented 3 week turnaround time.  You’ll not only receive the best quality sign package, but you’ll get delivery faster than if you chose to go direct.

4 – Cost Savings and Overall Efficiency

Having your entire on premises sign management program controlled by an expert sign management company will improve your overall sign program efficiency; resulting in cost savings, provide access to wholesale pricing for manufacturing, and will potentially limit the amount of upfront capital traditionally required for multi-source projects.  Leaning on Egan Sign’s network allows your company to get the most competitive pricing among manufacturers and vendors throughout the United States.

5 – Brand Security Across the Board

Last, but certainly not least, you’ll receive the Egan Sign commitment to brand consistency.  Materials and manufacturing techniques can vary greatly from one vendor to the next.  Ensuring each of your locations receive the exact same quality and consistency in physical signage is critical to maintaining the brand image your team has worked so hard to achieve.   With one project management team handling all the different projects, we are devoted completely to the process of developing, maintaining and implementing a company’s signage process to each individual brands guidelines and specifications.    You can trust Egan Sign to create a strong brand program with the flexibility to meet the constraints and requirements of a variety of locations.

Find out more about why companies like Amedisys, MedExpress, and Customers Bank chose Egan Sign to meet their Sign Management needs on the Case Studies page of our site.  Contact us to start a conversation about your Sign Management Needs.

Egan Sign. Sign Management Made Simple.

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