Letter Visibility Chart

July 21, 2016

The size of the letters in your sign design is one of the most important variables of your sign.  While you will also consider font, spacing, color, contrast, and lighting, the following letter visibility chart should be the very first consideration when providing specifications of your on-premises exterior sign package.

The following Letter Visibility Chart is here to help you determine the optimal letter height to achieve the maximum brand exposure as a result of an optimized sign package.

Letter Size Letters Per
Linear Foot
4″ 4 150 Feet
6″ 2 ¾ 200 Feet
8″ 2 350 Feet
10″ 450 Feet
12″ 525 Feet

*Information in the letter visibility chart was provided by the Pennsylvania Transportation Institute, Penn State University, United States Sign Council to show viewing distance and minimum letter height.


If you have any questions about the letter visibility chart, contact us to start a conversation about your Sign Management needs.

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