Top 5 Favorite 2024 Sign Trends

May 7, 2024

Discover the latest in signage with our top five favorite 2024 sign trends. From sleek SEG displays to incorporating nature into sign design, join us as we uncover what is shaping the visual landscape of the sign industry.

This vinyl brick mural displays a beer hop with the text "HOP - C Lager" plays off of the iconic Barack Obama "Hope" poster and is an example of a top 2024 sign trend.

Vinyl Brick Murals

Vinyl murals have become more popular in the past few years, but did you know you can do a vinyl mural on textured walls like brick? A special vinyl designed to adhere to rough textured walls can transform a space into your brand. Here are some perks about using vinyl brick wraps:

  • It looks like it’s painted without the hassle of actual paint
  • Print allows more design possibilities, including detailed illustrations
  • Easy to remove without damaging walls
  • The wall texture becomes part of the design
  • UV protection and weather-resistant properties make this a good option for exterior applications

SEG Fabric Displays

Silicone Edge Graphics, or SEG for short, is signage that consists of printed fabric stretched over an edgeless frame. Thin silicone beading is sewn around the edges of the fabric to secure the image into the frame, creating a high-end, seamless look. Opting for the backlit version will elevate your brand even further.

Here are a few reasons big names like Apple, Tesla, and Nike use SEG fabric displays in their stores.

  • Easily swap out images without any experience needed.
  • New printing technology produces high-quality, vibrant images
  • Lightweight fabric and an easy-to-assemble frame make shipping a breeze
  • Durable fabric that can be cleaned in case of an accident

This example of Biophilic Design, a top 2024 sign trend, is a set of channel letters stating "Let's Take on Tomorrow" is mounted on a live moss wall.

Adding Nature to Signs

Biophilic Design is a concept that incorporates natural elements into a design. Natural materials like wood, laminate with natural veneers, organic shapes, or even live moss walls can be used in signage. Integrating natural elements does more than look beautiful; it also helps connect people to nature, which has health benefits like reducing stress levels.

Digital Displays

Digital displays have been around for years but are gaining popularity. Advances in technology and lower costs have made LED displays a smart choice for engaging consumers. Here are some stats on digital signage:

  • According to a study, digital displays have a recall rate of 83%, double the retention rate compared to traditional advertisements.
  • Digital signage captures 4x more views than static displays
  • Reduce perceived wait time by up to 35%, which is great for checkout lines, restaurant waiting areas, and gas stations
  • Easily update content at a moment’s notice


Sustainability and environmental consciousness have become more important globally, and the sign industry is no different. Environmental responsibility has affected customer choices, and businesses have followed suit. For example, Egan Sign went paperless as early as 2009 to reduce waste. Below are how others have incorporated sustainability into the sign industry:

  • Switching to LED lighting systems has remained a top sign trend, saving customers 50% in electrical costs.
  • Using recyclable materials like PVC-free or paper templates instead of vinyl reduces plastics entering landfills and harmful toxins contaminating our environment.
  • Recycling and reusing material instead of tossing it. One sign company recycles its paint thinner, reducing the need to buy new paint thinner by 90%. In addition, it no longer needs a third party to pick up and dispose of the paint thinner, saving more money and reducing its carbon footprint.

In conclusion, our top five favorite 2024 sign trends offer a glimpse into the future of signage. Whether through sleek digital displays or timeless craftsmanship, the diversity and creativity showcased in these trends highlight the enduring importance of signage in our modern world. As we move forward, let’s continue to embrace and celebrate the artistry and ingenuity behind these trends, ensuring that our visual environments remain vibrant, engaging, and meaningful for years to come.

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