Aluminum Pan Signs

October 12, 2017

An aluminum pan sign, or shoebox sign, is a sign fabricated out of flat aluminum with 90-degree returns on all four sides. It is typically 1”- 2” deep and can be adapted to any wall surface with no visible fasteners. In addition, these signs are very durable because of their rigid construction and painted finish. The aluminum is also weather-resistant and can hold up in all types of weather.

Aluminum pan signs are very customizable and not limited to the standard rectangle. They can be made with rounded corners, in circular shapes, or even custom designed depending on your location and brand requirements. Take a look at the samples below:



PeopleReady Pan Sign

PeopleReady, a leading provider of specialized workforce solutions, used a 96” wide by 36” high pan sign to promote this Kentucky location. This non-illuminated sign is painted white with color-specific vinyl. Read more about our work with PeopleReady here.

Freedom Mortgage

Freedom Mortgage Pan Sign

Freedom Mortgage chose a 2” deep non-illuminated aluminum pan sign for one of their New Jersey locations. This sign features a digitally printed vinyl overlay. As you can see, the logo colors were printed to match their brand-specific colors.


NuMotion Pan Sign

In this example, Numotion chose a 1” deep white aluminum pan backer for its location in Oregon. Always being conscientious about branding, our team made sure that the colors of the logo match exactly.

L&W Supply

L&W Pan Sign
L&W Supply, a leading distributor of industrial supplies, used a 2” deep fabricated aluminum pan. They not only chose to include their company name, but to also highlight some of the core products.

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