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Rebranding A Brand New You

Rebranding isn’t merely about altering your logo or color scheme; it’s a profound statement of growth, change, and renewal. It’s a strategy that’s often driven by mergers, acquisitions, or the necessity to keep pace with evolving market dynamics.

Why Rebrand

Rebranding is a major decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. But how do you know that it’s time for you to invest in renewing yourself? Here are 6 top reasons why people choose to rebrand.

Evolution A significant change in products or services offered may be a time for a rebrand.

The New You Your brand no longer represents who you are.

Stay Connected Customers’ wants, needs, and buying behavior change over time and businesses need to stay connected.

Stand Apart Stand out in your industry with a fresh new look and message.

Refocus Companies often try out different products and campaigns that can dilute your brand. Rebranding can refocus your messaging.

Keep It Fresh Brands have their own ebbs and flows, and they need to be rejuvenated to stay relevant to the market.

Case Study | Take 5 Car Wash

Take 5 Car Wash rebranded in 2021. The initial design focused on a bubble theme, but Take 5 decided to test out a similar look to its sister brand, Take 5 Oil Change, to unify the two brands. Egan Sign was asked to replace the newly installed bubble signs with the latest bucket design. Knowing how busy Take 5 Car Wash was, Egan Sign took the initiative to get drone footage of the before and after. This way, no one needed to fly out to the test location, saving the client precious time and money.

Watch the video to see the results