Gentiva Hospice Case Study

Gentiva Rebrands 80 Locations in a 12-Month Period With Egan Sign’s Help


Gentiva is the largest provider of home health care and hospice in the USA, with 475 community locations nationwide. They have a significant schedule of new locations opening each month.

In addition to their rollout schedule, they had just purchased Odyssey HealthCare and needed to rebrand all new locations within a 12-month period. All totaled, they had 80 locations needing signage immediately.


Gentiva chose Egan Sign as their sign management company because Egan could provide high-quality products and manage aggressive turnaround schedules for all these locations. By meeting and exceeding project commitments and maintaining extensive communications with Gentiva about the status of every location, Gentiva has now selected Egan Sign to manage the myriad of sign management demands that must be constantly handled by a market leader such as Gentiva.