Introducing Client Services

January 22, 2024

Business is not just business, it’s personal. Your business is an extension of who you are and you want to treat it with care, especially when dealing with new vendors. This is why Egan Sign begins your sign journey with Client Services.

What is Client Services?

Client Services is dedicated to streamlining the onboarding of a new sign program based on our client’s needs. It is designed to be customer-centric in approach, tailoring our internal process to the needs and preferences of the account. After the program is running efficiently and onboarded as a new account, it is transitioned to the Project Management department, where a dedicated sign team is ready and waiting. The team includes the Director of Project Management, Senior Project Manager, Project Manager(s), and a Graphics team.

What Should I Expect

We start with an onboarding call where we discuss your needs and expectations. This includes determining responsibilities, points of contact, and the initial quoting process. Next, our team will develop a Design Control Document to ensure your sign package fits your branding and budget. After completing a few locations, the account will be transitioned to your sign team who were strategically selected for your success.

Tell Me More About This Design Control Document

Egan Sign develops a Design Control Document (DCD) for each account. It is the handbook for your signs starting with essentials like approved logo variations, brand colors, and fonts. From there, it offers exterior and interior sign options in a range of sizes and mounting variations. Once the DCD is completed, the Client Services team will establish program pricing for each sign type making budgeting easier. As you can see, the DCD is a great resource especially when managing multiple locations at a time.

What Do I Need to Start

We don’t expect you to have everything ready at the beginning but the essentials are… well, essential. First, we need a logo in a vector format. That means no .jpgs or .pngs. Your logo is going to get BIG and the vector file will keep everything looking sharp. Secondly, branding guidelines would be beneficial, but we can determine the final colors and fonts later on if needed. Last and most importantly, you need to contact us! Fill out the contact form to get started.

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