Utilizing Advertising Space You Already Own (Or Lease)

July 31, 2018

In the age of digital media, we sometimes find ourselves immersed and invested in the race to get in front of our target audience on their most cherished and trusted devices. This practice, for any business, is a very important, but sometimes tricky one. Trying to coordinate your marketing channels to tell the story you want to tell can be difficult. And while trying to squeeze every last bit of ROI out of the digital side, we often overlook the physical advertising opportunities staring us right in the face.

“Free” Advertising Space

The key here is to be able to maximize, communicate and coordinate your brand’s story via the optical treatment to your business location. Yes, a traditional sign is a part of that treatment, but not the only part.

Don’t Forget The Windows

Window graphics have long been a part of the signage opportunities for a business. And they aren’t just for hanging “Open” signs. Today, there are many options for application beyond just opaque vinyl as well. A great example is perforated “clings”. These are more geared for covering a full window, as they accomplish a lot that classic vinyl cannot. Beyond providing internal shade and privacy, the proper application can increase your brand visibility.

Brand Advocacy

In tandem with your main signage, window graphics can tell more of your brand story, further enhancing customer experience and advocacy. For the most part, it is nearly impossible to communicate your brand’s value proposition strictly from your name or logo. By utilizing window space, you have a chance to augment your name, logo and/or slogan with lifestyle imagery, brand mission, etc… Giving your customers or prospective customers something optical that they can relate or aspire to, can create a further understanding and acceptance of your full and true brand.

And, if using a “cling” style, these window graphics can be swapped and changed quickly and economically. Your brand value may not change, but your target audience’s tastes and perceptions do. By giving yourself the ability to communicate multiple portraits of your brand, you are able to continuously keep your message relevant to your market’s interests.

If you’d be interested in learning more about your options at your existing locations, or want to review your current signage package, please contact us below. We can help assess your current solution and/or show you some options you may not have considered.

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