What to Know About Large Format Printing For Your Business

November 12, 2019

We may be the sign management experts here at Egan Sign, but branding your business’s physical locations is so much more than the traditional exterior pole signs and monument signage outside your front door. Wall murals, window graphics, and even promotional posters should also be part of your sign program, though creating these larger-than-life printed materials has presented a unique challenge in the past. Luckily, large format printing technology has drastically improved in recent years—while simultaneously becoming more accessible and affordable!

Today’s blog post gives you a little insight on why you should consider the wide range of branding collateral now available with large format printing, as well as why you can trust Egan Sign to help you execute all of your large format printing projects—on time, every time.

What is Large Format Printing?

Also known as “wide format printing” or “grand format printing,” large format printing refers to the process—and sometimes also the products created from the process—of digitally printing oversized materials on spool-fed rolls of paper, vinyl, and more. Newer large format printing technologies can print on non-rolled/rigid materials such as glass, metal, and wood.

This machinery contrasts traditional offset printing presses and even standard digital printing equipment, which are designed to print on individual sheets of paper, limiting the size of prints produced.

What Equipment is Needed for Large Format Printing?

Most modern large format printers utilize inkjet printing technology, which might surprise you. In some ways, large format printers are not so different from your full-color photo printer at home. Except these super-sized machines are much more versatile!

There are a variety of large format printer types, which excel at producing different finished products. These are the three main variations, based on the ink transfer processes they employ:

  • Aqueous Ink Large Format Printers
    These printers utilize liquid pigment or dye-type inks to create high-impact prints on a variety of flexible support media, including cloth, plastics/vinyl, and heavy-duty papers. Aqueous ink technology requires properly coated materials to accept and hold the ink—finished prints may also need to be laminated depending on the print medium and intended use.
  • Eco-Solvent Ink Large Format Printers
    Petroleum-based inks are typically used in these machines. While this type of ink chemical is slower to dry than aqueous liquid inks, it is fully waterproof once it is set. These printers are often designed to print to harder media beyond papers and flexible vinyl and textiles. Think metals, rigid plastics/PVC, and foam board.
  • UV-Curable Ink Large Format Printers
    UV ink capable printers offer an alternative to printing with solvent inks, which can produce harmful fumes and pose other risks. UV-curable ink is slower drying, but it is also waterproof once it’s hit with ultraviolet light.

What Branding and Signage Products are Available with Large Format Printing?

As large format printing technology continues to improve, we have developed ways to solve a long list of large-scale printing challenges. Today, nearly any two-dimensional promotional product or signage up to 100” wide (and sometimes even wider!) can be printed seamlessly on a variety of support media from cloth and paper to glass and metal!

These are just a few of the branding and sign items we can help you produce with the help of our specialized in-house equipment, as well as our trusted vendor partners, here at Egan Sign:

Large Format Wall Vinyl

If you want to boost your team’s creativity and productivity in your office environment or create a welcoming accent wall in your reception area that expresses your company’s identity and values, a large and colorful wall graphic printed on vinyl is an excellent, cost-effective option. We’ve designed numerous wall vinyl graphics for clients over the years in impressive sizes like 20’ x 9’.

Interior Wall Murals

Similar to wall vinyl graphics, you may want to add an artistic element to a wall or walls inside your business. These elements might be printed on large, rigid pieces of glass or metal, or you might consider creating a mural on something more temporary like paper.

Window Vinyl Graphics

Another vinyl signage or branding option is to install graphics directly on your business’s windows. These vinyl window graphics can be totally see-through or opaque in both directions or just one direction, depending on your needs. Check out our gallery page on window vinyl signs and graphics to learn more.

Interior and Exterior Promotional Signage, Posters, and Banners

Large format digital printing is a cost-effective solution for creating temporary banners and signs to promote limited-time events, like sales you may be holding in your retail store or branding elements you need to decorate your booth at trade shows.

Many large format printers have the ability to print high quality, weatherproof banners and wider format posters in a single pass. Whether you need to display your promotional signage inside or out, large format printing offers tons of design options to make an impact on customers and visitors.

Egan Sign Can Help with Large Format Printing Projects for Branding and More

Here at Egan Sign, we aim to be your business’s one-stop resource for everything related to signs and branding of your physical locations. Some of our clients are unaware of just how capable we are in meeting your needs for large format promotional items like vinyl banners, posters, wall art, and more.

Get in touch today to learn more about the technology we have at our disposal to help you meet your sign management and branding goals.

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