Is It Called a Pylon or Pole Sign?

June 8, 2023

We are all familiar with those really tall signs along the side of the road beckoning us to come inside. They come in all different shapes and sizes, but what are these tall signs called? Is it a pylon or pole sign? The answer is both! Pylons, or pole signs, are signs that are at least 8 feet tall, are freestanding, and typically consist of an illuminated sign cabinet welded to a steel pole or poles. That may sound simple but with some modifications, they can be so much more!

For example, sign cabinets are not limited to rectangles. They can be circles, squares, or a custom shape like this Take 5 Car Wash pole sign. The cabinet was created in the shape of a bucket to make the sign more intriguing. It even has a bubble escaping on the side! Another way to add interest is to use vacuum-formed faces instead of flat faces to provide dimension to your sign.

In addition to customizing the sign cabinet, the actual pole can be used as a design element too. Mid Penn Bank (left) wanted to elevate the look of its sign. The designer at Egan decided to incorporate the building’s architectural features by covering the pole with a matching stone fa├žade.

Flagship Car Wash, on the other hand, wanted a fully customized pylon. The pole is covered with a unique cabinet and instead of a standard illuminated sign cabinet, channel letters are used. An electronic message center (EMC) takes it up another notch by providing up-to-date information. Wow, what an eye-catcher!

Don’t get overwhelmed with the possibilities. The Egan team can help you design, permit, manufacture, and install the best sign for your business. Contact us for more information.

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