Channel Letter Signs

August 30, 2016

Channel letters are fabricated or formed three dimensional letters that may also accommodate a light source. There are two types of channel letters: Front Lit, also referred to as Standard, and Back Lit, also known as Reverse Halo.  Each type of letters gives a different type of look and feel to a storefront.  Day or night, your corporate identity will stand out when you choose to use this type of illuminated exterior sign.

Front Lit or Standard Channel Letters:

MedExpress Channel Letters

Front Lit channel letters, the most commonly used, can get your name up in lights with a style that is completely your own. This versatile type of sign allows almost any font, logo, or corporate brand identity to be brought to life with nearly unlimited lighting combinations, colors, and configurations that are completely customizable based on your marketing team’s specifications. The MedExpress building shown to the right uses white channel letters for both their ME logo and MedExpress brand name.

Back Lit or Reverse Halo Channel Letters:


Back Lit or reverse halo channel letters are a slightly more elegant way of using channel letters.  These metal face letters are mounted away from the wall and lit from behind producing a halo effect which outlines your company name or logo.  This option offers a more memorable and somewhat prestigious look.  Choose from neon or LED lighting for your Back Lit channel letters.  GC Boutique chose back lit black lettering for the location shown to the left.

In addition to these two types of channel letters, a third option would be a combination of both front and back lit letters.  This unique fusion of front and back lit channel letters provides maximum illumination. Whatever type of signage your business has in mind, channel letters are a sure way of helping your customers locate your business.  Check out Egan Sign’s Case Studies to see how MedExpress uses this type of sign to maximize brand awareness at each of their new locations.  And if you think channel letters are a great fit for your next exterior sign program, please contact us to start a conversation about on premises signage programs.

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