Rebranding and Your Signs

October 28, 2021

An important part of being a business owner is to periodically step back and look at the big picture – your picture. Ask yourself, does your messaging align with your company values? How do customers feel about your company and products? Is your logo or image outdated? You can find more questions here. If you are not feeling good about your answers, it may be time for you to rebrand. Keep reading to learn more about rebranding and how it can affect your signs.


A rebrand is a process of altering the way your company and/or products are perceived. It can be drastic like changing the company name or logo. This change would affect updating websites, signs, and marketing material. Here’s an example of how Nike updated their brand identity throughout the years.

On the flip side, it could be changing your target audience or brand persona. This will directly affect your messaging and marketing collateral. For example, McDonald’s just launched another rebrand in early 2021 opting for a more playful and modern design. Their goal is to “bring a sense of joy and ease” with their new packaging.

GoDaddy Rebrand


There are many reasons why you would want to rebrand. A big reason is that as the world evolves so does your company. You may offer new products or services that aren’t being promoted in a unified way. Another motive could be that you want to differentiate yourself from the competition. Lastly, a simple but important reason is that you look outdated. Check out GoDaddy’s original logo. The overall style screams the 90’s.

Rebranding & Your Signs - Color Me Mine - Door Vinyl


It takes 10 to 12 ‘touches’ for a customer to even notice you according to Tara Stoutenborough, principal at Strategies, a marketing communications corporation. Your signs are an incredible tool to get your audience to register your new branding. Using signs like illuminated channel letters and window vinyl can really draw attention and drive the new message home.

Another way that rebranding affects your signage is that, after many years, your business may have acquired a sign here or there wherever you saw a need. The problem is that each sign looks different creating a haphazard appearance. A rebrand provides an opportunity to create more effective signage with a cohesive look. All this combined creates a positive customer experience that promotes sales and brand loyalty.


Having an experienced national sign partner eliminates the hassle of rolling out your rebrand across all your locations. Your sign partner will streamline the process of permitting, manufacturing, and installation saving you time and money.

Another benefit of partnering with a national sign vendor is that your new brand will be consistent at each site. The consistency goes beyond color and style. The quality of your signs will also be uniform throughout your entire rebrand. Great quality AND a great new look? It’s hard to argue with that!

Looking to rebrand? Need help with those signs? Contact us to get your rebrand rolling.

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