4 Reasons to Trust Your Franchisor’s Sign Vendor

October 4, 2021

As a franchisee, you are responsible for all the signs at your new business. This may seem daunting but, thankfully, your franchisor will supply artwork and guide you on what is needed. A good franchisor will offer a variety of signs that may work for your location. A great one will provide a trusted sign vendor that offers a complete sign package to get you exactly what you need. Some may want to veer towards a local sign company hoping they may save some money, but here are 4 reasons you should stick with the recommended company.


XGolf Franchise - 4 Reasons to Trust Your Franchisor's Sign Vendor
First, the business assistance received from the franchisor is the biggest benefit of purchasing a franchise according to Nerdwallet. The franchisor has already taken the time to vet their supplier. This includes working with the sign vendor, reviewing samples, doing pricing exercises, and found success. It takes the guesswork out of an industry that few really understand so why make your life harder.


Secondly, do you know what’s so great about going to a chain or a national brand? You know exactly what to expect no matter where you go, and your franchise is no different. Your location should look and feel like all the other franchises. Moreover, brand loyalty and company reputation are what you’re literally banking on to draw in customers. Ensure that your branding will be done correctly by choosing the trusted sign vendor. Learn more about branding here.


Another benefit of using the suggested sign vendor is that they already know your brand. They know what signs are needed, how to make them, and where to install them. It’s not a set of fresh eyes trying to figure out what goes where. It’s a we-got-this situation and who doesn’t appreciate that!


The Little Gym Franchise Choosing Their Trusted Sign Vendor
The last and most important benefit is that it will save you time. You have a business you’re trying to get up and running. There’s no time to learn about signs, research vendors, and reach out for quotes! At the end of the day, you will be grateful for all the time and stress saved by going with the suggested supplier.

In conclusion, a huge perk in buying a franchise is that the research is done for you. Everything from market research to business development has been put to the test including your sign vendor. So trust your franchisor and go with what works.

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