Top 5 Benefits of EMCs

December 14, 2020

Investing in an Electronic Message Center (EMC) can be intimidating at the beginning, but all the benefits will make this digital sign your obvious choice. Here are 5 reasons why EMCs will drive business to your front door.

1. What’s that over there?

Imagine you are sitting at a stoplight in town. There are businesses and advertisements on either side, but you saw them a million times and generally ignore them. Suddenly you see a flicker in your peripheral vision, and you look. Call it instincts. Call it ADHD. Whatever it is, we are compelled to do it.

EMCs’ dynamic advertising grabs attention and keeps it. They are so effective that they attract 4x more attention than static signs. That’s 400% more eyes on your campaign!

2. Location! Location! Location!

Having an EMC does more than just attract customers, it attracts customers at your front door. This increases foot traffic and impulse buys. An IBM study determined that around 72% of consumers respond to an interactive message when they are in sight of the business’s location.

3. Show me the money!

EMC owners continue to report a 10% or higher increase in sales when using dynamic advertising. Measuring its effectiveness can be easy using simple tricks like only promoting certain sales on your digital sign.

A fun method to track this is to offer a discount using a code phrase displayed only on your EMC. Imagine a customer approaching your employee saying “The cuckoo bird perches on the windowsill” to get 10% off their purchase. Staff gets a chuckle. The customer gets the discount and has a little fun.

4. Real-time Isn’t Just for Jack Bauer

Increase engagement by keeping your content up to date in real-time. Beyond weather alerts and ER wait times, this feature allows you to post today’s lunch specials during lunch or even scores to today’s game. Eagles 41-33!

Dayparting, or scheduling messages according to time of day, has never been easier. You can schedule months in advance or upload new content in seconds.

5. Give Don Draper the Boot

As the cost of traditional media is increasing, the cost of advertising with an EMC is going down. With technological advances, digital signage has become more cost-effective and efficient. Moreover, removing the time and production costs of traditional advertising only increases your ROI rate. EMCs have an average cost per thousand impressions of 74 cents whereas television costs $22 and $13 for radio.

If all that didn’t convince you of the benefits of EMCs, give us a call at 610.478.1330 to learn more.

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