Why a site survey should be completed before every sign project

August 10, 2017

Site Survey

A site survey plays a critical role in making sure your signage project is successful.  These     on-site inspections involve collecting detailed and accurate information about the location up front to ensure that your signage provider can recommend the most effective branded signage for each unique location.  It will provide the details necessary to determine location, access, orientation of your new sign, and will also identify any obstacles that may need to be considered.

When a site surveyor visits your location, he will take all important measurements and photos of the location. During the visit, the surveyor will verify many considerations including:

  • The exact linear feet of the building and road frontage to ensure appropriate sign sizes are proposed
  • The building access and construction to develop a plan on how to install the sign
  • The precise size of the building, facade, and storefront to provide appropriate sign options
  • The size of any freestanding or multi-tenant signs in order to supply replacement faces
  • If there is existing power present at the sign location or if will it need to be installed

Following the site survey, our team of professional graphic designers will review all details of the survey. They will take this information and combine it with any site-specific landlord criteria and/or local zoning regulations, to recommend the most effective sign at the optimal location on or near your building, after which our team will provide a proposed layout for your review. The layout will include detailed specifications regarding how the sign will be both constructed and mounted.

Whether you know what type of signage you need or if you need help in identifying the best solution for your business, Egan Sign can facilitate a site survey and help you determine the best signage solution for your next store opening or re-branding project.  Contact us to start a conversation about your sign management needs today.

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