Consistency: The Importance of National Brand Implementation

February 22, 2021

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You spent months on end plus a small fortune developing your brand because it is more than just a logo. It is your company’s identity. It is how people recognize you. The last thing you want is for all of that to get ruined because of inconsistent signage.

Choosing a national sign company to implement your brand is a sure way to get it right. Here are a few reasons why it is important to go with a single national provider.


Signs are literally your identity in the outside world, and you need to be recognized. Your logo cannot be manipulated or broken apart – period. Understanding this aspect is imperative and having a single company devoted to you eliminates the risk of any logo misuse. Furthermore, providing approved variations of your logo (for example, horizontal and stacked) is the best course of action to optimize space restrictions.


Having all your signs made from one source ensures consistency especially when it comes to color. Going to a local sign company for each of your locations puts you in a vulnerable position. Is the local company going to provide the correct colors or will they create the colors to make it look – in their opinion – close? Some may do a good job and others may not. That is not a position you want to be in.

To illustrate the power of color in brand identity, take the quiz below.



At Egan Sign, we develop a package called a Design Control Document (DCD). This document includes all your brand guidelines in addition to standard layouts for different types of signs. This ensures that all your signs will look the same anywhere in the world.

Moreover, the DCD can include standard sizes for each sign type providing dimensions, square footage, and pricing without extra work. That is a lot of time and energy saved for every sign needed.

Project Management

Instead of researching and reaching out to multiple vendors for every aspect of the signage process, having a single, trusted point of contact is a benefit that cannot be ignored. Your dedicated project manager will contact the landlord, township, vendors, and installers for all your locations. The information will be organized into a report to keep you on top of the progress.

These are a few reasons why having a national sign provider is the key to building your presence across the country. If consistency and efficiency are important to your brand, contact us here or call 610-478-1330.

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