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June 5, 2017

The use of LED (light emitting diodes) in commercial signage, around the world, is quickly becoming a normative activity to increase and maintain engagement from customers and clients. Stores seem to be trading their existing marketing collateral for LED signs that relay the same messages in a more contemporary manner. This apparent trend may exist because several types of digital signage utilize LEDs in their displays. In other words: LED-technology is a popular manner of creating and implementing a digital display for businesses. Learn the definition of an LED sign in our recent blog post.

LED Signs

Photo courtesy of Daktronics

Beyond their popularity: LED signs are effective tools to attract consumers into business’ locations and become paying customers. An article from PixelFLEX reports data from Business 2 Community and Digital Signage Today that indicates that 64% of businesses that installed this type of digital sign benefitted from a subsequent increase in their sales.

A major benefit of LED signs – and, a possible reason for their efficacy – is their flexibility to satisfy diverse requirements at your different geographic locations. You can completely customize LED signage as a function of your unique business needs. In order to do this, you need the help of experts in the signage industry that are partners with major sign-manufacturers – including noteworthy manufacturers such as Daktronics, Optec Displays, and Watchfire Signs.

Only through a solid relationship with your sign management team can you fully customize LED signs for your multiple stores or offices. Reach out to start that relationship with Egan Sign for consultation and project management for your LED signage. We walk you through every step of the process so that you can take real actions to customize LED signs, including:

  • The use of indoor signs
  • The implementation of cloud-based software
  • The display of video on your signs.

Using Indoor Signs For Consumer-Interactions

Popular forms of LED signs are outdoor applications – such as electronic reader boards (or, electronic message centers) and rate boards for pricing information. However, these are certainly not the only possibilities for digital signage. While they may be commonly perceived as outdoor solutions for display, LED signs can be customized to use inside of your business’ locations to create real interactions with consumers.

Digital Message Boards

Photo courtesy of Daktronics

It is important to note that indoor LED signs differ from outdoor signs in both their pixel pitch as well as their resolution. Pixel pitch is simply the vertical and horizontal distance between individual pixels within a sign (Optec). As the pixel pitch decreases, the pixels become closer to each other. This increases the resolution of your signage; the overall display becomes sharper and more detailed (Optec).

Therefore, a low pixel pitch and a high resolution are suitable for your indoor LED signs in order for walking shoppers to clearly see your brand’s messages from short distances. Learn more about the effect of pixel pitch and resolution on your LED signs’ minimum viewing distances in the Daktronics LED Learning Center.

Specifically, your signs can be customized to advertise or display your brand’s messages in areas with high amounts of foot-traffic or large concentrations of people. This particularly applies to your locations in retail centers and metropolitan areas such as train stations. In these environments: you can easily capture the attention of walking consumers with colorful displays of your logo, promotions, or products. Conduct successful digital merchandising with customized LED signs that adapt to different consumer behavior at different locations.

For shoppers in malls, flat LED displays serve to direct those consumers to your store or office – just yards away. See an example of a business that utilized an indoor LED sign from Daktronics to promote their stores. Additionally, Optec’s line of indoor digital displays feature high-resolution specifications to display sharp, clear imagery and text to viewers that are close to your signage. A prime example is the Opt-Win LED sign that allows you to display bright graphics and sales-information in the windows of your stores or offices. Note that these flat digital displays do not need to be used as standalone signs. They can either be implemented as single TV screens or as a system of digital displays to create a digital wall. Both of these techniques will direct people’s gazes to your store and communicate your promotions in an exciting fashion.

Digital Kiosks

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As Brawn Consulting writes in a blog post about LED and LCD signs, the efficacy of indoor LED signs may be the result of people’s averaged 8-hour exposure to digital screens – including phones, computers, and TVs – per day. With this kind of habituation to digital screens and graphics, interior digital displays may offer information to consumers in a more relevant or familiar way (Brawn Consulting). Of course – these indoor digital signs may also offer more targeted content to consumers because of their ability to display multiple images, taglines, and videos that individually pertain to different sets of viewers (Brawn Consulting). All of this may improve viewer-experiences and ultimately get more customers at your locations (Brawn Consulting; Optec).

For consumers that need your business’ solutions, where they currently are: digital kiosks create fast interactions with your brand. These digital signs are often standalone units that offer a high-resolution touch-screen for consumers to use to browse through your products or learn about your services. This is useful for consumers in fast-paced contexts – like metropolitan train stations – that need to order products or request services, immediately. See a list of indoor kiosks from Abcomrents.

Connect All of Your Signs with Cloud-Based Software

While the ability to customize LED signs for both indoor and outdoor contexts can improve the quality of your consumer-interactions, it may seem difficult to coordinate all of your signs’ content. However, the digital technology of LED signage allows you to use content management software that grants you access to control all of your assets.

LED Signs with videos

Photo courtesy of Daktronics

Specifically, cloud-based software gives you the ability to manage all of your LED signs’ content – from one device with a connection to the Internet (Optec). Such software allows you to create new content for your various signs, design layouts in which that content will be displayed, and assign needed space for location-specific information such as the temperature. Utilize content of all forms – text, imagery, and video (Optec). Schedule your new content at any time to steadily release displays that offer time-sensitive information (Watchfire).

Additionally, benefit from protected content that cannot be changed unless you grant access to the software with a username and password (Watchfire). Such security does not exist for traditional signage that can be physically vandalized.

As a result: cloud-based software is a major factor your business’ customization of LED signs at different locations. You have the power to create layouts that meet the design-specifications of different signs, input content for the specific target audiences at each store or office, and offer unique information to those audiences that no sign will share. Such personalization creates a connection with your locations’ audiences that increases brand visibility and sales.

Entertain Your Diverse Audiences with Video

As cloud-based software allows you to customize your LED signs’ content to different locations, it is clear that you do not have to display uniform messages on all of your signage. Instead, display the most appropriate and eye-catching content for each audience. A prime example of customized content: videos on your LED signs.

For your signs that must compete with other business’ signage for consumers’ attention, it is critical for your brand’s messages to be dynamic. In other words: your content must move in order for people’s eyes to be drawn to the same. This will serve to give you an advantage against the traditional signs of other companies. Not only will your LED signs display vibrant colors on the RGB range but also they will offer some kind of action through their animation (Watchfire).

Photo courtesy of Daktronics

Additionally, video allows you to communicate more information to your audiences because of its movement. You can display alternating text and imagery or animation to convey multiple messages as opposed to a constant promotion, tagline, or logo. Watchfire’s XVS signs enable video-display while also customizing that content for audiences at longer distances. As a result: these signs may be suitable for your locations near major arterial roads, highways, or downtown sectors of major cities.

Manage All of Your Custom LED Signs with Egan Sign

Whether it involves indoor digital kiosks or cloud-based software to display video, your signs can accurately communicate your brand through customizations. Management of the implementation of your custom LED signs is best handled with an experienced sign management firm. This process contains coordination of many parts – such as software, hardware, electrical considerations, and schedule-coordination – to make sure it all launches, seamlessly. There is nothing worse than a blank screen facing your clients!

For a business with multiple locations across different geographic areas, customizing LED signs only contributes to the difficulty of sign management from within your business. Build a relationship with our experts and minimize your stress about signage.

Our experts at Egan Sign have the advanced skills and knowledge to help you through each step of that process – from initial design and content-creation to permitting and installation. We give you the consultation and project management that you need to succeed, across all of your locations.

How Do You Want to Customize Your Signs?

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