Signage Trends: Why You Should Consider LED Displays Now

February 27, 2020

A little while ago, we highlighted the latest trends in digital signage here on the blog. It’s true that nearly all new digital signage today is created with LED (light-emitting diode) lighting sources because older-style incandescent or fluorescent bulbs are now considered obsolete.

The disappearance of older-style bulbs means that when you’re talking about digital signs in 2020, you are essentially talking about LED digital displays, whether you realize it or not.

So, are the benefits we previously covered of digital signage the same as for LED displays? In short, yes. However, today’s post will give you a little more insight into the data-driven reasons why you should consider LED digital signs as both interior and exterior branding solutions in your business locations.

Additionally, if you are still operating older-style digital signs that rely on maintenance-intensive non-LED bulbs, we’re hoping this information convinces you to upgrade. Egan Sign can help in both situations.

LED Displays Are Impressively Effective

As we touched on in that earlier digital signage article, LED displays have been proven to attract more attention than static signs. There have been countless surveys and market studies undertaken on the effectiveness of LED displays and signage, and they all show that LED signage of various types undeniably boosts business.

The resulting data sets prove again and again that people are looking at LED signs, but more importantly—they can recall specific messaging or ads they’ve seen. In fact, a Nielsen study from a few years ago reported that 55% of people who said they saw a digital billboard during their daily travels in the previous month could clearly remember the ads or other information they viewed, even while not paying particularly close attention.

Why are digital signs so effective? The main reason is that they can easily combine images and text, which naturally increases a viewer’s ability to remember what they saw. This is thanks to a phenomenon called the picture superiority effect.

High-Resolution LED Digital Signs Are Bright and Eye Catching

In addition to being a naturally better format for our senses and memories than static images or text alone, LED signs are brightly lit—with excellent viewing distances—even at night. Because they are so eye-catching, our attention is drawn to LED displays, especially those that shift and change frequently, or that incorporate video.

Additionally, as an advertising medium, video displays in public places tend to get more views than online video ads. Up to 70% of American respondents in one earlier survey said they recently noticed a digital video display while out in public versus just 43% who recalled seeing video ads online.

LED Signs Increase Foot Traffic

Here again, a variety of surveys have proven that digital signs actually attract new customers to a business’s physical location. One particular study focused on small business owners reported that 86% of those who installed LED signs attracted new customers. That’s certainly an impressive statistic! Along with that, 83% of respondents in that same survey reported overall sales increases.

LED Signage Presents Unique Advertising Opportunities

As we touched on above, the ability to incorporate high-resolution graphics and even video content into LED digital display solutions presents branding and advertising opportunities you may not have considered in the past.

While you’ll also have to think about your sign’s intended audience—for instance, video advertising might not be the best on signs located beside fast-moving freeways—once you have the digital signs installed, experimenting with different ways of presenting your content can be a fun and low cost way to determine what works best to draw in customers.

In fact, once your LED sign is in place, it may be able to garner 1,000 “impressions” from viewers for just about $0.15. Compare that to traditional print advertising in newspapers for which you might pay hundreds or thousands of dollars to reach not too many more pairs of eyes!

LED Displays Are Affordable and Low Maintenance

By now, you may be wondering what LED signs actually cost. However, this question does not have a simple answer. Smaller signs with standard resolution displays will be priced much lower than, say, a high-resolution LED billboard. The best way to determine the type of LED signs that will be most effective for your unique business is to call a complete sign management resource for expert advice. After all, taking a DIY approach to your business signage can lead to preventable sign management mistakes that can hurt your business.

Worried about the maintenance of digital signs? Don’t be. LED displays are extremely durable and designed for incredible weather resistance. If you should experience problems, LED digital displays are maintenance-friendly—especially when you rely on Egan Sign for all your sign maintenance! We provide cost-effective sign service and maintenance programs that keep your signs consistent, updated, and fresh, no matter how many locations your business has.

Egan Sign Can Help You Put LED Digital Signs to Work For Your Business!

Trust the data. When you need signs that can work for your business 24/7/365, LED displays deliver better results than almost any other signage type!

Egan Sign is your complete sign management and location branding resource with the knowledge and experience it takes to implement new digital signs—and to keep up with their maintenance over time. Get in touch with us today to learn how we can help you harness the power of LED signs for your business.

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