LED Conversion: Why you should retrofit neon signs to LED

June 20, 2017

The purpose of any branding sign is to draw attention to the company’s brand in a positive way. Often times the brand is compromised due to inconsistent lighting, especially when using neon signs. Neon lighting was once the only option for lighting, but today LED lighting is becoming more widely used. If you want your brand to get noticed, LED lighting is the way to go, and here are the most important reasons why you should retrofit neon signs to LED today.

The top 8 benefits to retrofit neon signs to LED

  1. Greater Efficiency:
    LED lighting is 70% more energy efficient than neon. This efficiency can lower your costs due to lower electric consumption.
  2. Increased Brightness:
    LED lighting is brighter than neon, even in cold weather where neon fails. LED lighting maintains a better level of brightness throughout its entire lifespan.
  3. Better Performance:
    LED lighting is more consistent with its performance and does not have a flickering issue like neon signs. It keeps its illumination longer and is more uniform throughout the entire sign.
  4. Less Maintenance:
    LED signs require less maintenance than neon signs. Since they do not require much maintenance it will save you money.
  5. Improved Durability:
    LED modules are made of plastic which is extremely durable and easy to clean. Neon lighting is made of glass and is very fragile. Neon is also much hotter making it difficult to clean.
  6. Quick Installation:
    LED channel letter installation uses smaller pass-through holes into your building. Installation is a quick and easy process.
  7. Reduced Risk:
    LED signs run on a 12-volt power supply which is safer because it is less susceptible to fire.
  8. Environmental Friendliness:
    LED lighting does not contain mercury and uses less power than neon which results in less strain on the environment.

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LED Signs

Retrofit neon signs to LED in a few simple steps

The first step in converting your neon signs to LED is to remove the sign faces and the existing neon tubing. Once it is removed, the interior of the channel letters should be cleaned. After they are cleaned, the LED strings are then installed. It is important to remember to remove the existing power supply and replace it with the proper LED power supply. The last step is to replace the sign face.

A great investment for any business

LED signs are a great investment for your business with greater efficiency, less maintenance, and improved durability. If you feel you would like to retrofit neon signs to LED, reach out to start that relationship with Egan Sign for consultation and project management for your LED signage. We walk you through every step of the process so that you can take real actions to converting to LED signs.

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