Pylon Signage

August 11, 2016

A pylon sign is a freestanding sign that is over 8ft tall and typically detached from a building. These signs are supported by one or more structural elements that complement the overall design. Pylon signs are most commonly found around shopping center locations and feature single or multiple business advertisements. It tends to be larger than a standard single-pole sign and is a good fit for high-traffic areas because it easily grabs the attention of fast passersby.

Sunbelt Rentals Pylon Sign

Sunbelt Rentals is standing tall over their competition with this new pylon sign. This three-pole pylon sign towers at approximately 40ft. It is able to reach potential customers traveling in their general vicinity in addition to along the property. Using a collaboration of a pylon sign in addition to other exterior signage, they are attracting customers from all angles.

MedExpress Pylon Sign

MedExpress chose a different approach by installing a smaller pylon sign. This urgent care is able to ensure that customers traveling along the highway can easily identify their business. See how Egan Sign helped MedExpress by incorporating all aspects of signage by reading their case study here.

Pylon signs come in all different shapes and sizes. Designing your own can become challenging, but Egan Sign is here to help you. We will guide you to the best solution for your business at every location. Check out How We Work With You to learn more about how Egan Sign delivers tremendous value to our clients. Need help designing a new and improved pylon sign for your next store opening? Contact us today to discuss your sign program.

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