Branding Signage Rules of Thumb

September 18, 2017

Your brand is so much more than your company name or logo.  It’s the experience that your customers have with your company at every single point of interaction.  A marketing team goes through painstaking efforts to identify, promote, and protect it.  Your on-premises branding signage should always be treated with as much care as the logo itself.  When it comes to brick and mortar locations, branding signage is – without a doubt – one of the most critical components of an effective consumer facing brand strategy.

Each and every aspect of branding signage tells your customer what your company is all about, delivering both the message of who you are and the products or services offered.  Add in a touch of your brand personality, and voila, branding signage at its best!  At Egan Sign, we have a few tried and true rules that our team lives by in order to make sure that your signage brings your branding to life.

Respect the Logo

Your logo is arguably the most valuable component of your brand.  At Egan Sign, we set aside time during the new client on-boarding process to meet with marketing and design teams to make sure that we fully understand all components of a brand’s DNA early in our partnership.  We’ll review how your logo should be displayed, if there are any size or space restrictions, which specific colors are approved for use, and how your logo and company name will appear on different backgrounds and in different, approved color combinations.  All branding signage should be as consistent as possible across your unique locations and building types.

Stand Out in Style

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While your logo should always be consistent, your sign must stand out in a sea of signs that are demanding today’s consumers’ attention.  It’s important to select suitable, durable materials that reflect your brand style, all while considering what product warranties your location will require.  Our project management team will develop and engineer appropriate specifications for branding signage that will meet all of your needs. We will then create a prototype for final approval.  When necessary, we’ll field test your prototype and work with you to consider the market reaction and overall effectiveness of your sign.  Each one of these steps makes sure that your sign reflects your brand personality and connects with your customer base in a powerful way.

Visibility Matters


Displaying your company name and logo on the exterior of your location maximizes your brand exposure and works to identify retail and office facilities and direct your customer base to your location.  While standing out has to do with style, visibility is related to the size and location of signs.  To ensure readability and maximize impact, it’s important to make sure your sign will be able to be clearly read by your customers from each direction that they may approach your store or office space.  By referring to our simple Letter Visibility Chart, you can be assured that passersby will be able to read your exterior branding signage.

Consistency is Paramount

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Most of the time, not every location in your real estate portfolio is exactly the same.  More often than not, your stores and office spaces are dramatically different – from square footage to ceiling height and storefront design to exterior building material.  Each and every municipality or landlord has unique sign regulations.  As you manage all of these variables, it’s important to remain as consistent with branding signage as possible across your portfolio because consistency fosters trust, solidifies your brand position, and ultimately creates and reinforces the brand values your company is heavily invested in.   Our design and graphics team has worked hand in hand with many companies to develop corporate Design Control Documentation which is used by all parties involved in the brand execution, from store design and development, to construction teams, manufacturing facilities, project managers, and ultimately the members of our certified network of installation partners.

Here at Egan Sign, we are sign management experts. We’ve guided many clients through rapid growth and rebranding initiatives, helping them save time and money along the way.   One of our goals is to make sure that your signage is designed logically, economically and viable to be installed with consistently across all of your facilities.  Find out more about why you should choose Egan Sign here.  Then contact us to start a conversation about your Sign Management needs.

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