Stop Searching for a Local Sign Manufacturer

July 20, 2016

When it comes to sign manufacturers, your colleagues might tell you less is more; do not believe them! Instead of one local sign manufacturer to rely on, you could have an entire network of vendors at your fingertips! All across the United States, Egan Sign has teamed up with not just one sign manufacturer, but hundreds of them. We’ve vetted every partner in our network to ensure their products are made at the highest quality standard in the industry. The first time we work with a new manufacturer on any project, we require them to submit production samples to one of our experienced Project Managers for careful inspection in order to ensure 100% quality prior to moving into mass production.


We use the same rigorous quality control process for a program of 500 locations, or even just 10. Having an established and proven network of nationwide sign manufacturers provides Egan Sign’s clients with additional benefits and top of the line standards that local, regional, and even national manufacturers, just can’t provide.

Fast, Dependable Service

Egan Sign’s clients are able to take advantage of our vast network of manufacturers throughout the nation. Regardless of your location, we will work with the sign manufacturer who is the best fit for your project’s unique needs. We are able to connect your project with credible vendors who can quickly get started on the first steps of the sign process. We pride ourselves on our 8-12 week Egan Sign Timeline, from the initial request all the way to the installation, providing our clients with weekly updates on all projects along the way. We work hand in hand with your design and branding team to alleviate the burden of working alone and can provide your team with the confidence that your next project will be completed on time, on brand, and on budget.

Proven Reliability

Things happen. You’ll find a company that you think could be the perfect sign manufacturer and then, all of a sudden, the color of your sign is incorrect or the size of the letters is smaller than you asked for. You are all the way back to square one. Mistakes like those will cost you valuable time and money. When you join Egan Sign’s repertoire of happy clients, we work hard based on first-hand industry experience to prevent those mistakes from ever happening. Each and every one of our sign manufacturer partners have been thoroughly vetted to make sure they are qualified to handle our clients’ work. Egan Sign is here to take the stress of the “What If’s ” off of your shoulders. We can provide the assurance that everything will be taken care of from start to finish, giving you more time to focus on the most critical aspects of your new store opening or rebrand.

Cutting Edge Technology

Here at Egan Sign, we have the resources to provide you with the most cutting edge technology that the market has to offer. Whether you are looking for an entirely digital signage solution including LED video displays; or a more traditional signage package that might consist of pylon signs, channel letters, and monument signs – we have a team that is committed to staying ahead of the trends in signage. When you choose to work with a local sign manufacturer, you limit yourself to their in-house technology and are less likely to leverage the latest sign technology available in the marketplace. By having a network of sign manufacturers, Egan Sign can connect our clients with a sign manufacturer who can deliver an innovative sign solution that meets the specific needs of a particular job.

Let the Egan Sign team find a sign manufacturer who can deliver your sign package quickly, reliably, and with the latest and greatest technology available for your budget.  If you’ve never worked with a truly dedicated Sign Management Company before,  click here to find out more about exactly what Sign Management is.  Then contact us to start a conversation about your Sign Management needs.

Egan Sign.  Sign Management Made Simple.

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